Rough Gemstones Mural

We're thrilled to announce EMERALD as the winner of the Town Centre mural poll! A big thank you to everyone who participated.

We’re thrilled to unveil the winning design for the Luton Town Centre Mural, chosen by your votes both online and in person!

Mural ‘EMERALD’ emerged as the clear favourite, and we can’t wait to see it come to life. Thank you to everyone who participated – your voice helped shape the future of our Town Centre!

Discover the story behind this captivating artwork, from the artist's vision to its creation and cultural impact

Rough Gemstones Mural embodies the essence of hidden potential and diversity in Luton. Created by international artist Silvia Lerín, this visually striking project, sponsored by Luton’s key stakeholders, promises to transform Silver Street/Library Road in June 2024. With its vibrant colors and intricate geometric layout, the mural celebrates the city’s multicultural brilliance, symbolizing 225,262 individuals as gemstones in need of recognition. Embracing the brutalist architecture’s unique charm, ‘Rough Gemstones’ is set to illuminate Luton with its message of opportunity and unity, showcasing the city’s true shine waiting to be polished.

'Rough Gemstones'
Funders & Sponsors

This public artwork wouldn’t have been possible without the following funders and sponsors:

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